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Thins You Should Know about BlueSnap

This article will explore how BlueSnap is changing all that by fighting back against fraudulent transactions, helping merchants spend less of their budgets on fraud prevention, and improving customer experiences. Read to find out more!

An article exploring what you need to know about the latest way to combat fraudsters in your online store – using a payment gateway like Blue Snap. As we’ll see below, this solution has some major benefits for both customers and merchants alike! But before we get into those merits of such a system, let’s start with some background on the problem BlueSnap is trying to solve.


You may have heard about problems in e-commerce industries relating to fraud and chargebacks. These are major issues for merchants because they can lose significant amounts of money as a result – not just from credit card companies but also foreign banks who sometimes refuse transactions because it looks like there might be fraudulent activity going on (which could lead to them refusing future business). There has long been an issue with how this happens; namely that most payment gateways lack the ability to detect if payments were done by someone using stolen credentials or funds. But fortunately, BlueSnap has found a way around these challenges!

BlueSnap does work best when used alongside other solutions like PCI compliance or fraud codes, but it’s worth noting that they are a payment gateway as well. This means that their system has the ability to detect and block payments from fraudulent sources on its own – notifying merchants in the event of any problems! All this works because BlueSnap uses AI-powered algorithms which can monitor your store for suspicious activity relating to card data (aka how someone is paying) while also detecting if there might be an issue with merchant credentials. If all looks good then transactions will eventually go through; otherwise, you’ll know about it before anything goes too far awry!