Fasting and Diet: What You Need to Know

What to Expect

You might be considering fasting or dieting for weight loss, but are unsure of what to expect. Fasting is a great way to detox your body and lose weight. You can do it by skipping a meal one day per week, or going on a more extreme fast where you only have water and tea for days at a time. Some people also try the 5:2 diet which means five days of eating normally followed by two days of eating less than 500 calories each day. The best thing about okinawa flat belly tonic reviews is that you don’t need to count calories!

Fasting is not dangerous unless you have health conditions that make it too difficult. It’s also important to only fast for one day per week, or up to two days at a time. If you go on an extreme fasting diet where you don’t eat anything but water and tea, then your body will start using fat stores because there’s nothing coming in from the outside world. Over-eating over several days can lead to feelings of dizziness and nausea as well as headaches and constipation which are all symptoms of dehydration.

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Eating 500 calories every other day means most people get about 1500 calories each week which may mean they’re eating fewer than 1500 calories during their five regular “normal” days even though they think they’re being careful. It’s better to have a balanced diet of nutritious foods than go on an extreme fast where you don’t know how many calories are coming in each day and you feel awful!

If fasting or dieting is something that interests you, be sure to speak with your doctor before starting anything new. They’ll tell you if it would be too difficult for someone with certain health conditions like diabetes or heart disease. And remember- the best kind of weight loss comes from eating healthy and exercising rather than going on a diet alone which can lead to feelings of deprivation and binge eating later down the road.