The Worst Pests: Getting Rid of Them in a Healthy Way

Proven Ways to Get Rid of Pests

It is the worst time of year for pests. They are hiding in every corner and waiting to attack, so it’s important to know how to deal with them in a healthy way. To avoid them, you need to learn about some of the most common pests found during this season, as well as their signs and symptoms, prevention strategies, and hire Pest Control Columbia SC!

Cockroach: Most cockroaches live in warm climates, but they have been found on every continent except Antarctica. They are attracted to food and moisture; for this reason, they may enter your home or office through cracks around doors and windows, gaps near pipes, or holes in the foundation.

Mice: These rodents will invade your space if you leave food out of sealed containers where they can get it easily! They also chew on electrical wires which leads to a fire hazard. Signs that indicate mice are present include droppings along with chewed materials such as paper bags and cardboard boxes. There is an unpleasant odor too when these animals die inside walls from starvation due to lack of food sources outside their burrows. You can use mothballs or cedar chips to deter them.

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Mosquitos: These pesky insects are not only annoying, but they also transmit dangerous diseases. Mosquitos can be found in wooded areas and at the edge of bodies of water such as ponds or lakes. You do need to worry about them if you are near a body of standing water that is stagnant for an extended period or has any type debris on the surface. The best way to get rid of mosquitos is by using repellents containing DEET; this chemical does kill these pests quickly, so it’s important to use during warm weather months when they’re most active.

Bedbugs: Bed bugs will invade your home through luggage after traveling overseas! They live off blood from humans and animals alike which means anyone who visits you could bring bed bugs into your space. These insects feed in the dark so they’re difficult to see, but when you do find them, there’s an oily sheen that can be seen on their bodies and cast skins where they molted. You’ll also notice blood spots or rusty stains from fecal matter which is a sign of bed bugs as well.

Fleas: Flea bites are common during summer months because these pests will seek shelter inside homes with pets! They have been known to live for up to 18-months without feeding; this means it might take a while before you realize how bad flea problems really are if you don’t pay attention early on! The best way to get rid of fleas quickly is by using topical treatments containing pyrethrin, as well as using a vacuum cleaner to suck up any of the fleas that can be found on carpets or furniture.