How Animation Works

How To Use It For Your Business

Animation is everywhere. From the films we watch in theaters to stop motion TV shows, it’s one of the most engaging forms of media out there today.

Animated videos are no longer only used for children’s entertainment; businesses can also benefit from them with their ability to communicate ideas quickly and clearly so make sure to check out for more ideas!

First thing first, you need a great script. What is the point of having an animation if it doesn’t say anything?


The next step involves storyboarding, sketching out what each scene will look like and how they are all connected to one another. You can use presentation software such as PowerPoint or Prezi for this task, but remember that your video should not feel overly static . It needs to have movement!

Once everything has been created on paper, it’s time to bring those ideas from flat pages into three dimensions…well sort of – we’re still working with computers here after all! Most animations today are done in After Effects; however there are other programs available depending on your budget (iMovie Pro is also fantastic). There are also programs that specialize in specific forms of animation, such as Toon Boom Harmony for hand-drawn animations.

Once the video has been created it’s time to bring your vision to life! You have two options here: hire a team or do it yourself. If you are looking at hiring someone there are numerous schools with excellent digital art courses – so be sure to check them out if this is what you want to pursue. If you’re not yet ready for outsourcing though, don’t worry; many tutorials exist online on how animate videos . It may take some practice but animating something simple is always better than nothing!